High Risk Life Insurance

We help secure life insurance for high risk jobs: From Pilots to SCUBA divers. Loggers to Armed Security in Afghanistan. Fisherman to Administration Contractors in Iraq. 

What About Life Insurance For Healthy People?

Of course we can help anyone that’s healthy! We use over 60 life insurance companies for all our clients. No matter if you’re in perfect health or have a high risk situation – We have you covered!

life insurance for high risk occupations

Shoppers are often surprised that their job may cause their life insurance premiums to increase. Saving money with high risk occupations comes down to the number of companies your broker uses. We use over 60 to find the one that will offer your the best deal based on your specific situation.


No matter your location or duties- We provide life insurance coverage for high risk occupations overseas and domestically. We are able to find the best companies if you have a risky occupation that can be considered dangerous. 


Finding life insurance can be complicated when you’re considered high risk to life insurance companies.  Each company looks at you differently and there are over 800 life insurance companies in the United States alone. 

If you’re a high risk individual, how are you going tell the difference from a company that will deny you from one that will offer you a policy? You wont but we will- We’re experts in helping high risk individuals get life insurance.


We’ll ask you the questions that need to be asked in order to find which companies give you the best chance to secure affordable coverage.
Once we complete our fact gathering we start our research.  You simple sit back and wait for us to present you all of your options. We’ll show you your options such as Term Life, Non-Medical, Simplified Issue, and Guaranteed Issue plans.

Get Started

It has never been easier to get life insurance. Contact us or schedule a one on one call with one of our licensed high risk specialists now.

Have a risk? We have you covered!

Pilots and private security in dangerous places are just a few occupations that we help.

If you have a health condition, we’ll be able to match the right company to your specific situation. Each life insurance company will look at you differently.  Work with experts who deals with high risk health life insurance in order to secure the best policy.

Get the best chance at the lowest rates if you use tobacco, smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, dip, chew tobacco, or even us nicotine gum. We even work with carriers that offer non smoker rates depending on your situation.

Have a hobby or participate in an activity that is considered risky? Hang gliding, SCUBA diving, and sky diving are just a few activities that can be tricky unless you know which companies look more favorably to your hobby.

Once all of your choices are presented, you’ll be able to choose who to apply with.  Our application is simple and convenient.  Underwriting can typically take 4-6 weeks to get the final decision from the life insurance company with traditional term life.

You won’t save if you go direct to the carrier.  In fact, that is the worst thing to do.  If you are declined or approved, but at a higher rate, you’ll have to start the entire process over again. Not with us.  We simply pivot to the next best company and you don’t have to go through additional medical exams.  This saves you time, money and your sanity.

Fill out our free quoter or contact us by phone. We’ll get in touch with you and get to know your situation.


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