Life Insurance For Tobacco Users

Life Insurance for Tobacco Users Can Get Affordable Rates

Smoking and the general use of tobacco has been associated with high life insurance premium rates.  There are over 60 million tobacco users in the United States who need life insurance but think it’s too expensive.

Tobacco users and smokers may not be aware that they can get a life insurance policy to fit their budget.

It is true that smokers buy their life insurance policies at a higher rate compared to non-smokers. It is also true that there is a term life insurance premium that caters for every lifestyle, budget and individual.

How then can a smoker find these affordable rates?

The only criterion for finding the best insurance policy for smokers is shopping around.

You have to compare rates from one company to the next as you assess the cost and the policy being offered.

Some quick tips on affordable life insurance for tobacco users are frequency of use and type of tobacco.

Who qualifies to be called a smoker?

Insurance companies differ not only in cost but also in the manner in which they classify smokers.

This same classification will affect the rates that you pay as a smoker to get your life insurance.

The key is finding the companies that have favorable underwriting for tobacco users.  Not all companies underwrite smokers the same way.

Someone who enjoys a cigar once in a while will not be put in the same category with a person who smokes cigarettes all of their life.

You will therefore encounter classifications such as moderate and heavy smokers.

Moderate smokers will obviously be charged less because they are less susceptible to the health conditions that life insurance companies take into consideration.

Why pay more if you are a smoker?

We have encountered several clients who do not understand the logic behind smokers paying more for their life insurance.

From the standpoint of an insurance company, smokers will spend several days off from their jobs because of respiratory problems.

In the eyes of some insurance companies, smokers will be more prone to certain illnesses than non-smokers.

Nicotine is also linked directly to some infections such as lung cancer, asthma and heart complications which are known to cause premature deaths.

When one is highly predisposed to these illnesses, companies will raise their premiums to cater for the increased risks.

The best strategy for smokers.

Amidst this disparity which looks somewhat like a discrimination against smokers, we step in to offer you a fair deal.

The best bet for a smoker is to find a policy that is most appropriate for you at the moment.

Just because smokers pay a higher premium does not mean you should ignore covering yourself with a life insurance policy.

We help you get affordable quotes from over 50 highly regarded life insurance companies.

We shop these companies for you. The lowest quotes will be provided to you and the choice will totally be left to your discretion.

We continuously search for inexpensive life insurance for tobacco users who take the initiative of getting a quote from us.

We believe in precision and exactness, a reason why we give you a short yet comprehensive quote form.

Remember, you are our pillar and we highly value customer relations.

As such, we maintain confidentiality and will never share the information that you entrust to our hands.

Besides, you are assured of the best deal because we will shop for quotes from over 50 insurance companies.

Looking for more information? Our Life Insurance Guide can help answer some basic questions about purchasing life insurance.

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