Life Insurance Tools

Feel free to use our secure instant online life insurance quoters within this page.  You will receive quotes from up to 60 top rated companies depending on age, height, weight, and other factors.

Life Insurance tools

Use our Life Insurance Tools!

Need a quick quote or life insurance tools?  Please feel free to use our quoter at the left or bottom of the screen. Need a little more help? Our life insurance tools page is a one stop resource.

Our “Tools” include life insurance forms and calculators that should help you in your quest for life insurance.

These tools will provide information and help you with many of the phases of the life insurance purchasing process. Life insurance tools are helpful whether you are at the initial stages of researching life insurance or are ready to move forward and apply.

Needs Assessment

A life insurance needs assessment is used to determine an appropriate amount of life insurance.  How much do you have in savings, investments, and assets?  How much do you owe on your home, credit cards, and vehicles?  Our needs assessment resources can provide you an excellent idea of how much life insurance you may need.

Term Life Quoter

Downloadable Forms

These life insurance forms range from General to Specific.  In order to get the best life insurance rates you need to provide underwriters the most accurate information.  These forms are important if you have a specific health condition, high risk occupation, or avocation (high risk activity/hobby).

  1. Life insurance Fact Finder Tool
  2. General Life Insurance Questionnaire
  3. Avocations-High Risk Activities Life Insurance

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