2 Quick Tips: Affordable Life Insurance For Tobacco Users

Affordable life Insurance for tobacco users is possible.

Tobacco users often find that their initial life insurance quotes are much higher than non-smokers. Do not settle for these high premiums because their are companies who have lower rates for smokers and tobacco users.

In fact, if your agent knows which life insurance companies to look for, your rates can be comparable to non tobacco rates. Lucky for you, we know which companies provide you the best chance for affordable life insurance for tobacco users.

Tip 1


The type of tobacco you use is a factor.  Their are companies who think it’s risky business insuring tobacco users and smokers. These companies are concerned with the health effects of cigarette smoking and tobacco use. This is why they will increase your premiums.

Your life insurance rates and quotes will vary depending on the type of tobacco that you use. Do you smoke cigarettes, smoke cigars, use chew less tobacco, or smoke a pipe?

Your answers will determine which company to use for the lowest available rates.

Tip 2


How often you use tobacco can be a factor in your premium as well.  For example, some companies will allow occasional cigar smoking and allow you to get preferred rates and some will not.

Each company has their own underwriting guidelines.

These underwriting guidelines are not standardized across the life insurance industry.

This is good news, but makes it difficult for the average consumer shopping for rates.

Why is it good?  When companies have their own underwriting criteria, it opens up niches in the life insurance industry.

There are life insurance companies that have reasonable rates in niches for:

The key is finding these companies and matching them to your situation.

Are you looking for a little more information? Our Guide: Life Insurance For Tobacco Users has some great information for smokers and tobacco users.

Please give us a call and we’ll help you find affordable life insurance based on your situation.

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